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Kill Shot Bravo is a brand new tank fighting game for Android and the iPhone. The whole game is player-vs-player, placing you in rounds of four to six players at a time, together with the goal being to kill the most tanks while wanting to avoid being killed yourself. You can update your tank and even purchase new tanks as you-go, using coins and your stone to power-up and make it easier to destroy the other tanks. Read on for a few tips and tricks for Kill Shot Bravo for iOS and Android!
Commonly, the most aggressive player wins when you are in the conflicts themselves. It takes forever to get a person to set a go up, so if you're able to set up a shot first, and then open fire on another participant til they blow-up, then you will destroy them readily. Should you start shooting in Kill Shot Bravo them before they shoot you, you might have the advantage.
Target players who are engaged in shootouts with each other, because they're not difficult targets because of reduced hit points. Then you can go following the other tank in that shootout conflict as soon as you get that kill, plus they ought to be a fairly easy kill as well. If you eliminate any tank, pick up the things they leave behind.
Tanks can leave behind points, mines and also other ammunition, as well as gems. Look about for tanks that got killed, and pick up the things they drop too to optimize your coin jewel and level counts. Location mines in high-traffic areas so that you can rack up some easy kills against other players when they run them over for kill shot bravo players.
You upgrade your tank as large as you may get it before buying a fresh one in kill shot bravo. A brand new one costs stars anyways, while coins are only cost by all the upgrades, which makes it fairly moot not to pay for upgrades.
Rack up the free diamonds from finding them in the stage and from leveling-up as a way to purchase the very best tanks that you can, and save them. With as several free diamonds as you are able to find in the stages, there is no reason why one should have to spend real life money on any diamonds.

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